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healthcare capital equipment planning, budgeting & sourcing

healthcare consultingHealthcare reform will result in an influx of new patients coupled with a growing baby boomer consumer base. Healthcare organizations will be challenged with not only revamping processes, asset replacement, facilities, and service lines but also decreasing reimbursement resulting in reduced capital resources. All healthcare organizations will be looking for proven methods to plan more effectively and realistically. They will seek improvements around capital budgeting that are more dynamic than static once a year events. Furthermore, with reduced capital the importance of how they source and compete the market will become a key competitive advantage.

The consultants of CRG Solutions have the expertise to collaborate and assist in redesigning your processes to provide more discipline and rigor around the capital processes and sourcing. Organizations that employ the same episodic approach to planning, budgeting, and sourcing will full behind their competitors in the new healthcare reform era. The mantra of no margin no mission will be accentuated ever more in this period of change.

CRG Solutions has client proven methods to assist clients with all aspects of the Capital Equipment Planning, Budgeting and Sourcing processes. From evaluating current equipment and transition planning, to working with long-term capital plans and co-develop replacement and disposal strategies, the CRG Solutions team has the expertise to assist clients navigate successfully. Our consultants can also provide proven strategies in the sourcing of new high-end equipment that will keep your facility on the cutting edge of technology without sacrificing budgetary goals. Our consultants provide a frame work of facilitation, process and knowledge that enables clients to improve their current processes and competencies.

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Midwest 700+ bed Teaching Hospital needed assistance reducing capital costs without compromising needs. CRG Solutions processes exceeded expectations with capital cost reductions and scope of equipment purchased. [more]

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